Simon Templar to be canonised as The Saint for a new generation

The Saint aka Simon Templar is to return to our TV screens, according to Radio Times.

An ITV pilot will resurrect the cult figure Simon Templar, created by novelist Leslie Charteris. The Saint was originally played from 1962 to 1969 by Roger Moore before he became James Bond in 1973. The pilot episode shouldThe Saint DVD be ready to film next year, according to Ed Whitmore who is writing the new drama with Chris Lunt. Ed Whitmore explained to “The character of Simon Templar, best known for leaving a calling card of a stick figure of a man with a halo at the scene of his crimes, was hugely popular in his day, and the time is ripe for a modern-day re-imagining. There is a post-Breaking Bad appetite for morally grey characters – Simon Templar is a kind of Robin Hood figure, he’s timeless.”

Roger Moore played Simon Templar in “The Saint” from 1962-1969, and was one of two TV heroes of the Record Press author in my early, formative years in the 1960s: the other being John Steed in “The Avengers”. I was completely mesmerised by the suave and debonair Simon Templar; only matched by my hero worship of the equally urbane John Steed. Albeit the love affair had worn off by the time Simon Templar returned to our TV screens for one series in 1978 in “The Return Of The Saint”. Ian Ogilvy who played Simon Templar in 1978, as good an actor as he is, simply did not have Roger Moore’s charisma and star quality.  However the replacement of Simon Templar’s car was a better fit: the iconic Volvo 1800 Coupe had been replaced by a Jaguar XJS.

Roger Moore was and remains “The Saint”: apparently he loved the role so much he reportedly turned down the The Saint Volvo 1800chance to play James Bond twice, before eventually signing up as 007 in 1973. For me Roger Moore is the definitive Simon Templar and as such I cannot even contemplate someone else playing The Saint. I’m all for progress, but not if it desecrates my cherished childhood memories!!

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