Patrick MacNee, who played John Steed in The Avengers, dies

Six months after Brian Clemens, the scriptwriter and producer behind the iconic cult TV series The Avengers passed away, Patrick Macnee who played the star of the show John Steed, has also died.

Patrick Macnee, as the suave, urbane & debonair John Steed in The Avengers, with his trademark bowler hat & umbrella, was my first hero…..

In the past four years the Record Press author has written extensively and often referenced the character of John Steed in The Avengers as the object of my first hero worship at the age of five. Patrick Macnee shared this dubious status with Roger Moore, john steed patrick macneewho played Simon Templar in The Saint. Both were cult TV series in the 1960s and both heroes captured the imagination of the infant Simon Sterland. They were dashing and debonair, but John Steed edged it with his superior sartorial elegance epitomised by his Pierre Cardin tailored three piece suits, bowler hat and umbrella.

John Steed was the quintessential Englishman as was Simon Templar and Patrick Macnee and Roger Moore came together on the big screen in the 1985 Bond film, A View To A Kill. In a way it was fitting that they should come together in celluloid having been great rivals in competing cult TV series two decades earlier.

I’m not going to labour my hero worship of Patrick Macnee and John Steed as I have paid many tributes to actor and alter ego on the Record Press blog in recent years, but suffice it to say I’m very sad at the passing of Patrick Macnee. Let’s hope Roger Moore keeps the British flag flying for a few more years yet. In the meantime, Patrick Macnee – thanks for the memories……

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