Like Doctor Who, everyone has their favourite Radio1 Breakfast Show DJ

Radio 1 will be 50 in September 2017 and I’m sure the red carpet will be laid down in style at Broadcasting House for that eminent occasion, as it will be for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebrations later this year.

Just as we all have a favourite Doctor Who, so we all have a favourite Radio1 Breakfast Show DJ. I’ll go first!! My favourite Doctor Who was Jon Pertwee and my favourite Radio 1 Breakfast Show presenter was Noel Edmonds. It is no coincidence that Jon Pertwee ( Doctor Who from 1970-1974 ) and Noel Edmonds ( Radio 1 Breakfast Show DJ from 1973-1978 ) were more or less contemporaries of one another.

Whether it be Doctor Who or Disc Jockey, the ones we remember with most affection are normally the first we watched or listened to. They were an instrumental part of our formative years. And although I had an affection for Tom Baker ( Doctor Who from 1974-1981 ) and Mike Read (Radio 1 Breakfast Show host from 1981-1984 ), they didn’t have quite the same impact and influence on me as did Jon Pertwee and Noel Edmonds.

I loved Jon Pertwee’s suave and debonair Doctor Who, who was always uber cool, even when driving around in his antiquated vintage car named Bessie. Likewise Noel Edmonds was a similarly urbane character on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show. Like Jon Pertwee’s Doctor Who, Noel Edmonds was also given to moments of zany eccentricity, in the form of his conversations with Flynn the Milkman or practical jokes on unsuspecting members of the public via his on air “funny phone calls”.

In truth both Jon Pertwee and Noel Edmonds occupied preposterous and ludicrous worlds and they both created a fantastic vehicle for escapism. And that’s what TV drama and radio breakfast shows are all about. They should provide the viewer and the listener with a wonderful outlet for escapism and fantasy!!

So who was your favourite Radio1 Breakfast Show presenter / DJ? Was it Tony Blackburn, Dave Lee Travis ( aka The Hairy Cornflake ), Mike Read, Mike Smith or possibly one of the ladies, Sara Cox or Zoe Ball? Let us know in the Reply Box below.


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