At 65, will Sooty and Sweep opt for no strings attached retirement?

It is amazing, but Sooty has just turned 65, but there is no hint of grey in that shiny golden coat of his!! That’s probably because Sweep has enough grey hair for both of them!!

It is quite amazing that since Harry Corbett first brought this hand puppet double act to our TV screens, they have become an integral part of the public consciousness in the UK. Only the British could embrace a couple of soft toys, minus legs, in the way that we have with Sooty and Sweep!! But incredibly the British public have embraced and adored this double act for over three generations now.

What is the enduring appeal of Sooty and Sweep? The Record Press author is not totally clear. I’m not even totally sure what types of animal Sooty and Sweep are – I assume Sooty is some type of bear and Sweep a dog? Whilst I have always had a soft ( toy ) spot for Sweep because he’s loveable, cheeky and naughty, personally I never took to Sooty!! I’ve always found him a malicious, nasty piece of work, with a cruel and callous streak as long as Harry Corbett’s arm!!

As a child in the 1960s I grew up in the confusion that Sweep was Sooty, because he was grey and soot coloured. Completely logical to a 5 and 6 year old!! For me Sweep has always been the star of the show and to be honest I think Sooty deep down has always been jealous of Sweep’s charisma and charm. It is this jealousy and bitterness that has caused Sooty to become so vindictive over the past 65 years!!

The way Sooty treats Soo is appalling. She has been the victim of domestic abuse for far too many years and Social ( or should that be Soo-cial ) Services should put her in secure accommodation, safe from this pernicious little puppet we know as Sooty. Meanwhile Sooty should be incarcerated at Her Majesty’s Pleasure in Wormwood Scrubs for sustained domestic abuse and his “strangeways”!!

This would leave Sweep free to pursue a solo career or simply enjoy retirement and a state pension at 65, having given so generously to three generations of children, who have grown up with the institution of Sooty and Sweep……

Which do you prefer – Sooty or Sweep? Let us know in the Reply Box below.

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