Phil Collins enters Rock Retirement Home not a day too early!!

The news that Phil Collins has announced this week that he is to retire from music, came as a surprise to me as I thought he had retired years ago!! Although he isn’t quite ready to install stairlifts in his various mansions, he is retiring in order to dedicate himself fully to the parenting of his two young sons. Genuine rock stars do not retire, as only Death relieves them of their musical duties and the drive to perform. Bank managers retire ( with their gold carriage clock and pension ); and this is significant because I only ever saw Phil Collins the Solo Artist as a jobbing musician producing bland, commercialised, lowest common denominator music, designed to make a maximum financial return!!

The announcement has barely registered in the media, probably because Phil Collins has been a spent force musically for a decade and a half. Infact even at the height of his powers, his mass appeal in the 1980s and early 1990s completely passed me by!! Apart from his debut album “Face Value”, which spawned two fine singles “In the Air Tonight” and “If Leaving Me is Easy”, the rest of his back catalogue leaves  me singularly underwhelmed. This viewpoint goes against the grain of public and industry opinion, who rewarded him with in excess of a 100 million album sales and seven Grammys.

Phil Collins’ early career promised so much as the drummer in Genesis. Unlike the Peter Gabriel purists, I thought the band produced it’s best music when Collins took over from Gabriel on lead vocals in 1975. The subsequent albums “A Trick of the Tail” (1976 ), “Wind and Wuthering” (1977 ) and “And then there were Three” ( 1978 ) are my favourite Genesis albums as they harnessed the sophistication of the group’s music and lyrics with the haunting pathos of Phil Collins’ vocals. The single releases from these albums – “A Trick of the Tail / Ripples”, “Your Own Special Way”, “Follow You, Follow Me” and “Many Too Many” were quirky and stylish. However gradually and almost imperceptibly Phil Collins’ commercial instincts eroded the legacy of Peter Gabriel and the band’s philosophy, ethos and integrity. Once Steve Hackett left the band, there was nothing standing between Collins and chart domination!! By 1980 Genesis had become a fully fledged pop chart group, with hits like “Turn it on Again” and “Abacab”. Don’t get me wrong, they produced some cracking pop tunes like “Misunderstanding”, “Mama”, “That’s All”, “Land of Confusion”, “No Son of Mine”, “I Can’t Dance” and “Jesus He Knows Me”. Sadly the same can’t be said for Phil Collin’s parallel solo career, and his music legacy will be remembered for dross like “You Can’t Hurry Love”, “Sussudio”, “Easy Lover”, “One More Night”, “A Groovy Kind of Love” and “Two Hearts”.

However he wasn’t all bad and I will always remember Phil Collins with great affection, for his tender and sensitive lyrics and vocals with Genesis between 1976 and 1978 – far too short a time, before he was corrupted by the money to be had as a solo artist with a more commercial sound……….

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Albums (Studio recordings )

1981 Face Value

1982 Hello, I Must Be Going!

1985 No Jacket Required

1989 …But Seriously

1993 Both Sides

1996 Dance into the Light

2002 Testify

2010 Going Back



“In the Air Tonight

“I Missed Again”

“If Leaving Me Is Easy”


“Thru These Walls”

“You Can’t Hurry Love”


“Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)”


“Easy Lover” (Duet with Philip Bailey)


“One More Night”

“Don’t Lose My Number”

“Take Me Home”

“Separate Lives” (Duet with Marilyn Martin)


“In the Air Tonight” (Remix)

“A Groovy Kind of Love”

“Two Hearts”


“Another Day in Paradise”


“I Wish It Would Rain Down”

“Something Happened on the Way to Heaven”

“That’s Just the Way It Is”

“Hang in Long Enough”

“Do You Remember?”/(live)


“Both Sides of the Story”



“We Wait and We Wonder”


“Dance into the Light”

“It’s in Your Eyes”


“True Colors”


“You’ll Be in My Heart”


“Can’t Stop Loving You”

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