One Direction fans are no different from any other boy band fans in history!!

One Direction fans have reacted angrily to Channel 4’s documentary “Crazy About One Direction” with the boyband’s obsessive following starting a “This is not us” campaign on Twitter.

Following the programme, One Direction fans on Twitter expressed their upset at Channel 4 and managed to get “#THISISNOTUS” ( an opposing twist on the title of their film ) to become a top trend.

Channel 4’s “Crazy About One Direction” examined the extremes of 1D fanaticism, including death threats to band members, superfans who will stop at nothing to get in a room with the boys, and ‘shipping’ fans, who have developed fantasies about hidden love and “bromances” within the band. One Direction, comprising Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, have become the biggest pop group on the planet over the last three years since they were manufactured by Simon Cowell on the “X Factor.

The “Crazy About One Direction” documentary questioned whether the group herald a new form of idolatry – a cult now fuelled by the online community but the reality is that this obsession with boy bands in the UK started with “Beatlemania” in 1963. We have all seen the black and white footage of girls screaming manically and fainting at a “Fab Four” gig.

For the Record Press author’s generation the boy bands of the early to mid 1970s were The Osmonds and The Bay City Rollers. In 1974 and 1975 “Rollermania” was rife!! There are stories of Bay City Roller fans swimming fully clothed across a lake to reach the boys on an island at a Radio 1 Roadshow. And many of us have seen the colour footage from an old news item of Bay City Roller fans, bedecked in tartan and very emotionally charged in the queue for a Rollers concert. In the 1990s it was the same scenario with Take That, Boyzone and Westlife…..

There’s nothing new about boy band mania and hysteria in terms of hormonal teenage girls being attracted to pretty boys who can sing a little bit!! However what is different about One Direction fans ( known as Directioners ) is that they operate in the new social media sphere, where the Twitter platform in particular feeds the obsessive compulsive behaviour of a small minority of One Direction fans by giving them the false sense of intimacy of live communication in real time.

In the past Take That, Osmonds and Bay City Roller fans would have had to rely on the seemingly convoluted process of writing fan mail and sending it to their chosen boyband member via the Fan Club. Although a response from their heartthrob would be just as real and intimate, the lack of immediacy kept a sense of perspective in the mind of the boy band fan.

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