Michael Jackson or Prince fan? Which are you?

For music fans in the 1980s & 1990s, you were either a Michael Jackson fan or a Prince fan. You couldn’t really be both and it really was a case of “Never the twain shall meet”!!

For the Record Press author it wasn’t a difficult decision – I fell easily into the Prince camp, culminating in seeing him in concert princeat Olympia, Earls Court in London in 1992. It’s a night that will stay with me thanks to the brilliance of Prince and the fact that I took as my guest the daughter of a Texan oil millionaire who had taken a real shine to me.

Sadly I let the millionairess from Austin, Texas slip through my fingers and have led a life of relative poverty since. However I never let Prince go……

As much as I admired and respected Michael Jackson, and nobody in their right mind would dismiss his vocal and dancing prowess as an all round performer, Prince was the man. Michael Jackson was too camp and feminine; Prince prince purple rain vinyl single coverwhilst being androgynous had a grittiness about him. Prince was a contradiction certainly but his music wasn’t.

Prince’s music was much more edgy and gritty; the music of Michael Jackson whilst very sophisticated lacked political punch with the exception of the dreadful Earth Song. Prince songs often had a social comment; sadness and sleaze often dressed up in a floral flourish but there was a message unmistakeably.

I’m not asking you decide between “Jacko” and Prince. That would be invidious. In some ways it’s hard to differentiate between as they shared many character similarities – both were shy, socially awkward, eccentric recluses. And undoubtedly both were musical geniuses.

However on the occasion of his death, let’s remember the genius of Prince with this Top 5 Best Prince Songs –


Top 5 Best Prince Songsprince purple rain vinyl single

1) Purple Rain

2) Sign O’ The Times

3) When Doves Cry

4) Little Red Corvette

5) Let’s Go Crazy


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