Its 30 yrs since Pet Shop Boys teamed up with West End Girls

It is 30 years since the Pet Shop Boys released their debut album “Please” with its flagship single “West End Girls”.

Emblematic of much of 1980s synth-pop at the time (cascading synths, electronic melodies, arpeggios, pulsating drum rhythms), the album “Please” brought Pet Shop Boys great prominence in the UK and US, thanks to a No1 placing on both sides of the Atlantic with their debut single “West End Girls”.

Despite its great commercial success, there’s one fundamental element of “Please” by the Pet Shop Boys that appears to have been ovelooked; the album remains a cultural touchstone in popular music, not only for its sonic influence, but forPet Shop Boys west end girls what “Please” (and the duo of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe themselves) represents in terms of sexuality and LGBT representation in pop music.

To put it into perspective, “Please” was released during a pivotal period of the gay rights movement. The US was five years into the AIDS crisis; a disease ravaging the gay community in the UK and US. So, intentional or not, Pet Shop Boys’ timing was right in that the duo broke sexual taboos in pop, and it all started with the worldwide hit “West End Girls.”

A slice of synth-pop bliss with an overt hip hop bent, the “West End Girls” single became Tennant and Lowe’s breakthrough hit. In spite of its title, it’s the song’s infamous lyric, “Which do you choose, a hard or soft option?” that serves as the duo’s calling card: Sexually ambiguous lyrics that apply to both gay and straight relationships.
While the lyric may be cryptic at first, Brits and Londoners knew precisely what the Pet Shop Boys were getting at. The song was mirroring the Yuppie world of Margaret Thatcher’s get rich quick London as East End barrow boys made good becoming financial traders, frequenting the “City” bars, mixing with the uptownWest End girls from the advertising and fashion PR worlds. Neil Tennant confirms this:  “A lot of people assumed the song was about prostitutes and of course, typically, it didn’t even enter my head. It was meant to be about class, about rough boys getting a bit of posh.”
Anyway as good as “West End Girls” is as a pop single and dance song, lest we forget the Pet Shop Boys had other cracking hits too –
Top 5 Best Pet Shop Boys SongsPet Shop Boys what have i done to deserve thisvinyl single
1) West End Girls ( No1 1986 )
2) What Have I Done To Deserve This?
     – with Dusty Springfield ( No2 1987 )
3) It’s A Sin ( No1 1987 )
4) Always On My Mind ( No1 1987 )
5) Opportunities ( No11 1986 )

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