Two lost films unlikely to make this Top 10 Best Peter Sellers Films

It has been announced that two “lost” films showcasing the comedy talents of Peter Sellers are to be screened at the Southend Film Festival next May.

Peter Sellers created the comedy short films “Dearth of a Salesman” and “Insomnia is Good For You” in 1957 as part of a promotional drive to break into films, having conquered all before him on radio with “The Goon Show”. As we know he eventually cracked Hollywood with films like The Naked Truth, The Pink Panther franchise and Dr Strangelove.

In the two rediscovered films, which are spoof government information films, Peter Sellers played a number of different roles as “show reels” to demonstrate “his considerable talents”, according to Paul Cotgrove from The White Bus, which runs the Southend Film Festival. The two 30-minute films were originally salvaged from a skip during a clear-out of Park Lane Films’ former office in London before its refurbishment in 1996.

Although part of the wonderful heritage of the genius of Peter Sellers, it is unlikely that they will offer a threat to this Top 10 Best Peter Sellers Films –

Top 10 Best Peter Sellers Films


1) The Party ( 1968 ) – Peter Sellers plays an incompetent, accident-prone Indian actor, who hilariously systematically wrecks a chic Hollywood house party.

2) A Shot in the Dark ( 1964 ) – The second Inspector Clouseau comedy is the best of the franchise. A hilarious farce with the memorable scene in a nudist colony.

3) I’m Alright Jack ( 1958 ) – The gullible Ian Carmichael works for his uncle in his factory and unwittingly upsets an elaborate and crooked business scheme in this memorable comedy satire. Peter Sellers is excellent as the trades union leader.

4) Dr Strangelove ( 1964 ) – U.S. president battles with the Russian and his own political and military leaders when a deranged general launches A-bomb attack on the U.S.S.R. Peter Sellers plays the president, British captain, and mad inventor of the Bomb in this brilliant satirical black comedy

5) Only Two Can Play ( 1962 ) – Peter Sellers plays a well-meaning Welsh librarian, dating socialites far above his station.

6) The Wrong Arm of the Law ( 1962 ) – Australian trio chased by police as well as crooks because they’ve been masquerading as cops and confiscating loot from apprehended robbers.

7) Carlton-Browne of the FO ( 1959 ) – Farce about Island of Gallardia, a British protectorate forgotten for 50 years.

8) The Pink Panther Strikes Again ( 1976 ) – Inspector Clouseau’s boss Dreyfus ( Herbert Lom ) has had a nervous breakdown and threatens to destroy the world with a ray-gun he has acquired.

9) Two Way Stretch ( 1960 ) – Peter Sellers as part of a gang of prisoners who devise a means of escaping to commit a robbery and then return to the safety of their cells.

10) Heavens Above ( 1963 ) – Satire on British clergy life, with Peter Sellers in fine form as a parish vicar who becomes bishop, but at the price of being stranded on a rocket in space.


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