Win England World Cup Memorabilia in 50th Anniversary Competition

Can you believe it’s the 50th anniversary  of England winning the 1966 World Cup with that Geoff england 1966 world cup winners pendantHurst hatrick and BBC commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme’s timeless & immortal words “They think it’s all over…..It is now”? & Record Press would like to celebrate this occasion with you with our England 1966 World Cup Winners 50th Anniversary Competition. To enter, simply answer these three questions –

1) Who was your favourite England player in the last 50 years and why?

2) What was the name of the England 1966 World Cup Mascot?

3) Which was your favourite World Cup tournament  in the last 50 years and why?


The author of the best reply to these three questions will WIN A PRIZE OF A FRAMED CD / FRAMED VINYL SINGLE of either

Baddiel /Skinner/ Lightning Seeds – 3 Lions ( 1998 World Cup ) 3 lions cd single


England & New Order- World In Motion ( 1990 World Cup )



new order world in motion cover sleeve

All you have to do is e-mail your three answers along with your framed vinyl single / song preference to  All entries must be submitted with your name and e-mail address by the 30th April 2016. The winner will be notified shortly afterwards.


Framed Vinyl Single MFR

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Will BBC World Cup theme by Stevie Wonder be the 2014 Nessun Dorma?

Stevie Wonder’s track “Another Star”, from the imperious double album “Songs in the Key of Life”, will be the soundtrack to the BBC’s World Cup coverage.

The Record Press author hopes that this will bring the music of Stevie Wonder to a younger generation, who did not grow up with the artist as a prolific chart act as my generation did. Hopefully the BBC adopting “Another Star” as their World Cup theme music will do for Stevie Wonder what their use of “Nessun Dorma” as theme music during their coverage of the Italia 90 World Cup, did for Pavarotti. In both cases Pavarotti and Stevie Wonder were and are huge international stars, but there is still much currency to be had, by being associated with a high profile World Cup.

Just as Pavarotti’s “Nessun Dorma” caught the mood of the Italia 90 World Cup, then I believe Stevie Wonder’s “Another Star” will capture and convey the euphoria and flamboyance of the Brazil World Cup 2014. The song “Another Star” loops and builds on a syncopated rhythm where flutes and George Benson’s guitar fuse with congas and timbales. Stevie Wonder’s track “Another Star” conveys the feel-good, carnival Latin American ambience which will chime perfectly with the atmosphere of Brazil World Cup 2014.

Let’s just hope that Stevie Wonder’s “Another Star” does not become synonymous with Ross Barkley’s tears in the same way Pavarotti’s “Nessun Dorma” became associated with Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne’s tears in Turin, after England lost to West Germany in that World Cup Semi Final penalty shoot-out!! Ross Barkley is the closest thing that we have had to Gazza in the intervening 24 years, but England football fans should not put too much emphasis on the theme of the song, which is that Stevie Wonder “fell in love with one who would break my heart in two”.

If you are not familiar with the music of Stevie Wonder, here is a Record Press Top 10 Stevie Wonder songs to whet your appetite –

Top 10 Stevie Wonder songs


1) Superstition ( No11 1973 )

2) Living For The City ( No15 1974 )

3) Uptight ( Everything’s alright ) ( No14 1965 )

4) If You Really Love Me ( No20 1971 )

 5) I Was Made To Love Her ( No5 1967 )

6) For Once In My Life ( No3 1968 )

7) Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday ( No2 1969 )

8) Lately ( No3 1981 )

9) Master Blaster (Jammin’) ( No2 1980 )

10) Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours ( No15 1970 )


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Framed football club anthem vinyl makes a unique personalised gift

Do you constantly struggle to find an original and unique personalised birthday present? How many hours have you deliberated over what gift to buy Dad for his birthday? Well the good news is that has come up with an original idea for gifts for football fans across the UK, inspired by the fans of Aberdeen Football Club!!

A social media drive by Aberdeen FC fans looks like it will jettison 1980s New Romantic band The Human League into the official chart Top 10.  Aberdeen FC fans have been downloading Human League’s 1981 No1 “Don’t You Want Me” as they have adapted the lyrics to “Peter Pawlett Baby” at games ( Peter Pawlett is a midfielder for the club ).  The Official Charts Company has confirmed that “Don’t You Want Me” by the Human League has reached No12, with the expectation that it will reach the Top 10 on Sunday.

Campaigns on Facebook and Twitter to get the single to the top of the charts have accelerated since Aberdeen FC won the Scottish League Cup on Sunday, with the chant echoing in the background.  “Don’t You Want Me” was the highest new entry in the iTunes chart on Tuesday, and has continued to climb.

Most football clubs have their own football anthem, that the fans sing during the match. The most famous are “Blue Moon” sung by the Manchester City fans, Liverpool’s “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and West Ham’s “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”. At the Record Press author’s football club, Nottingham Forest, the stands ring out with the Forest fans’ rendition of the Righteous Brothers “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”. Here is the Record Press Top 5 Best Football Club Anthems –

Top 5 Best Football Club Anthems


1 ) Tom Jones – Delilah ( Stoke City )

2) The Marcels – Blue Moon ( Manchester City )

3) Gerry & Pacemakers – You’ll Never Walk Alone ( Liverpool FC )

4) Righteous Bros – You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling ( Nottm Forest )

5) Cockney Rejects – I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles ( West Ham FC )


So if you are looking for a unique present or original gift for a son’s birthday or Dad’s birthday, or perhaps Father’s Day, get the original version of your football club’s anthem / song in a vinyl single or CD single format; framed and mounted as a picture disc souvenir. You can personalise it with an engraved plaque. ORDER HERE



Remember Esso World Cup Coin Collections & Football Club Hit Songs?

My first love, besides Sarah Shaw as a 5 year old at primary school, was Leeds United. We were in an incredibly passionate and intense relationship for four years between 1973 and 1977. We met at a party – the 1973 FA Cup Final, which was gatecrashed by unfancied second division Sunderland who won 1-0 and lifted the FA Cup against all the odds. It was the the biggest footballing upset since Windy Miller’s Camberwick Green knocked out Trumpton in the 1961 Egg Cup!!

Knowing little about football at the time, I had inadvertently decided to support the most successful team of the era, Leeds United, because I liked and preferred their all white strip over Sunderland’s red and white striped shirts. So I met my first love randomly at an FA Cup Final Party and ironically we split up four years later because of the FA Cup, when tickets that I was promised for the FA Cup Semi Final between Leeds United and Manchester United at Hillsborough in 1977, failed to materialise. That was the final straw that broke the camel’s back and after much soul searching I changed my allegiance to my home team Nottingham Forest, who I had had a covert and furtive date with behind Leeds United’s back in January 1976 for an FA Cup 3rd Round tie with Peterborough!! Yes, I know it was wrong, but it was purely platonic and there was no attraction at that time!!

However having dumped Leeds United, I was re-acquainted with Nottingham Forest and was immediately caught up in a whirlwind romance!! Forest sneaked promotion to the First Division one month after we got together. In the next three years Nottingham Forest, under the stewardship of Brian Clough and Peter Taylor, won the First Division Championship, two European Cups and two League Cups and the rest is history. Forest and I have now been an item for 35 years. As my brother in law once said: “You were in love with Leeds United, but you are married to Nottingham Forest”. And it’s true – I love Nottingham Forest and it’s a comfortable relationship that has works well, but nothing quite compares to that blind love that I had for Leeds United. I now realise that it was unrequited love, as Leeds United never allowed me to see them play, except on the TV!!

Nevertheless I measured my love for Leeds United through a raft of football merchandise. In the days before you could buy replica football strips, I possessed everything else from wool and silk football scarves, badges, mugs, towels and sports bags, all branded with the yellow, blue and white corporate colours of Leeds United Football Club. And of course amongst the pop posters of Slade, Mud and Sweet on my bedroom wall, there were the Shoot magazine pull outs of Allan Clarke, David Harvey, Paul Reaney, Duncan McKenzie, Tony Currie, Paul Madeley, Trevor Cherry, Joe Jordan, Gordon McQueen, Terry Yorath and legends Peter Lorimer, Norman “Bite Yer Legs” Hunter and Billy Bremner. Along with the newspaper cuttings scrapbooks, I even chronicled their matches on cassette tapes!! In the days before video recorders, the next best thing was the to record the live commentary of their matches, featured on Radio 2’s Saturday afternoon sports coverage!!

The football merchandising of the 1970s is now the nostalgic football memorabilia of a new century. How I wish I had kept my Panini Football Sticker Albums and that Cleveland Petrol Station promotion – Joe Mercer’s Great Britain Squad, comprising plastic head and shoulders busts of Gordon Banks, Bobby Charlton, George Best, Bobby Moore, Mike England and others. Cleveland Petrol Stations gave away Joe Mercer’s Great Britain Squad in 1971, presumably on the back of the success of the Esso World Cup Coin Collection in 1970. I missed out on that one, but made up for it twenty years later, when Esso produced another World Cup Coin Collection to celebrate the “Gazza Tears” 1990 World Cup. This time I was determined not to miss out and bribed a petrol station assistant to hand over a big bag of coins to ensure I got the complete Esso World Cup Coin Collection, in order to celebrate the fantastic Italia 90 World Cup tournament. Sainsburys were later to produce a 1998 World Cup Coin Collection, but I found Sainsbury’s staff less amenable to a bribe!!

And of course, the 1970s was also the decade that saw the advent of football club songs and England Team anthemic songs released as singles; some good, some horrendous!! From 1970 through to 2000, there was a proliferation of Football Club Songs and England Team Anthems marching up and down the charts. Here’s a Top 10 of the Best Football Hit Singles ( 1970 – 2010  )–

Top 10 of the Best Football Hit Singles ( 1970 – 2000 )

1 ) Baddiel /Skinner/ Lightning Seeds – Three Lions ( 1996 Euros / 1998 World Cup )

2 ) England & New Order- World In Motion ( 1990 World Cup )

3 ) Luciano Pavarotti – Nessun Dorma ( 1990 World Cup BBC TV theme )

4 ) Manchester United – Come On You Reds ( 1994 FA Cup Final )

5 ) Chelsea FC – Blue Is The Colour ( 1972 League Cup Final )

6 ) Liverpool FC – Anfield Rap ( 1988 FA Cup Final )

7 ) Fat Les – Vindaloo ( 1998 World Cup )

8 ) Cockerel Chorus – Nice One Cyril ( Tottenham Hotspur 1973 League Cup Final )

9 ) Leeds United FC – Leeds United ( 1972 FA Cup Final )

10)  Cockney Rejects – I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles (West Ham Utd 1980 FA Cup Final)

Ironically Leeds United are in the Top 10, but Nottingham Forest & Paper Lace’s 1978 hit single “I’ve got the whole world in my hands” doesn’t make it!! What does that say about the state of my marriage?!!

If you are an England Team follower and / or a fan of either Manchester United, Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United or Leeds United, you can immortalise the love of your football club in your home or office, by ordering your favourite Football Club Song in a vinyl single format; framed and mounted as a picture disc souvenir. You can also personalise it with an inscribed / plaque……


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