Top 5 Robin Williams films with which to celebrate his life

Very sad to hear of Robin Williams’ untimely passing. Like nearly all comic geniuses, he was a tour de force but also clearly tormented by his demons……

Whilst that very high level of intelligence, perception, sensitivity, intuition and creativity made Robin Williams vulnerable and susceptible to the “Black Dog” ( as Winston Churchill referred to his own bouts of depression ), those very same attributes made him robin williamsthe great actor he was. Robin Williams was that rare acting phenomenon – equally comfortable playing comic roles as serious parts with great gravitas, albeit often interspersed with humour. There were exceptions to the pattern of course, notably his role as the sinister sociopath / potential psychopath photo developer in “One Hour Photo”.

For the Record Press author, my introduction to Robin Williams was as a teenager in 1979, when he played the zany alien Mork in the US TV series “Mork and Mindy”. Although brilliant in that, Robin Williams will be best remembered for his diverse film roles, often a fusion of humour and melancholy, but invariably playing an inspirational character as he did in “Good Morning Vietnam”, “Dead Poet’s Society” and “Good Will Hunting”. So let’s remember and celebrate Robin William’s genius, versatility and life with this Top 5 Best Robin Williams films / movies –

Top 5 Best Robin Williams films / moviesdead poets society dvd


1) Dead Poet’s Society ( 1989 )

2) Good Will Hunting ( 1997 )

3) One Hour Photo ( 2002 )

4) Good Morning Vietnam ( 1987 )

5) Mrs Doubtfire ( 1993 )


Which is your favourite Robin Williams movie? Let us know in the Reply Box below.

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