Framed DVD & Cover of It’s a Wonderful Life makes a unique Xmas gift

The film “It’s a Wonderful Life” is one of the best films ever to come out of Hollywood……And definitely the best Christmas movie of all time!!

“It’s a Wonderful Life” is the most uplifting of movies, with a wonderful, humane and compassionate message. In the hands of the wrong director, it could have so easily been schmaltzy, but as it is James Stewart is perfectly cast staying the right side of cheese. The it's a wonderful life dvdamazing thing is that the Record Press author somehow managed to reach 50 years of age without seeing it……….That situation has thankfully since been rectified!!

For those who have still to see “It’s a Wonderful Life”, the plot is as follows………George Bailey ( played by the peerless James Stewart ) is a parochial, small-town man whose life seems so desperate he contemplates suicide. He had always wanted to leave Bedford Falls to travel the world, but circumstances and his kind, compassionate heart have prevented him from doing so. In an act of total selflessness, George Bailey sacrificed his education for his brother’s, kept the family-run savings and loan company afloat, whilst protecting the town from the avarice of the greedy banker Mr Potter.

George Bailey’s one  source of solace is that he married his childhood sweetheart Mary ( Donna Reed ) and has three lovely children. However in his desperation, this does not seem to be enough. As he prepares for it's a wonderful life dvdhis imminent suicide on Christmas Eve, readying himself to jump from a bridge, his guardian angel Clarence Odbody (Henry Travers) intervenes. He then shows George what life would have become for the residents of Bedford Falls if he had never lived and by doing so demonstrates all the lives he has touched and enriched in his lifetime.

If you have not watched “It’s a Wonderful Life”, treat yourself to the DVD and watch it over Xmas…….. I can’t guarantee that you will never take your life, family and friends for granted ever again, but for a few precious days over the festive period, you will be reminded of what really matters in life!!

“It’s a Wonderful Life” is the perfect film to watch over Christmas, with a glass of mulled wine in front of a roaring log fire……

………And as the perfect Christmas tale, “It’s a Wonderful Life” would also make the perfect Xmas gift!!

You can order the film DVD & cover of “It’s a Wonderful life” framed and mounted with a personalised engraved plaque, as a Xmas gift.  ORDER NOW…… Framed DVD MFR

Framed film DVDs with a personalised plaque, make unique presents or original gifts for a special celebration  / special occasion ie a wedding, a 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th Birthday, a Silver, Ruby or Golden Wedding Anniversary, Father’s or Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day!!  THE PERFECT PERSONALISED PRESENT!!

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