Our Story

Music has flowed through my veins, and therefore my heart, for as long as I can remember. From an early age, I was fascinated by the sounds emanating from the transistor radio, imagining that magical artists existed in miniature form, as occupants of the transistor radio. My earliest recollection ( as opposed to record collection ) of a song impacting on me, was singing along to the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine". Although there were infinitely better tracks on my parents' copy of the Beatles' 1966 "Revolver" album, that was the track that caught and fired the imagination of the four year old, Simon Sterland. I also distinctly remember three years later in 1969 dancing around my Mum in the kitchen, singing Marmalade's "Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da", desperately trying to provoke a reaction from her, thinking I was swearing!!


On some Sundays in the1960s the record player would come out from it's hiding place in the lounge, and Dad would play my sister's and my records - "The Adventures of Beatrix Potter" and the "Thomas the Tank Engine Stories" respectively. As we grew older, thankfully our tastes evolved and developed and we graduated on to Mum and Dad's limited pop record collection, comprising of the anthemic Tom Jones' tunes "Delilah" and "Green, Green Grass of Home", The Scaffold's "Lily the Pink", and Frank and Nancy Sinatra's "Something Stupid" and the latter's "These Boots are made for Walking". Although Mum and Dad had a small singles collection, it contained catchy dittys, which uplifted and inspired.


In December 1972, my sister was bought her first single, Jimmy Osmond's "Long haired lover from Liverpool", and my first record followed 18 months later - The Rubettes' 1974 No1 "Sugar Baby Love". It should have been a No1 hit from earlier that year, Mud's "Tiger Feet", but much to my horror and chagrin, Mum bought it for my best mate's 12th birthday present, but despite my pleading, she would not part with a further 45 pence for a copy for me!!


From 1974 my singles and album collection steadily grew and burgeoned, and I frequently played at being a radio disc jockey, with record player, microphone and tape recorder combining to produce my version of Noel Edmonds' Radio One Breakfast Show. Eventually my dream of being a radio presenter was realised in the late 1990s when I presented a retro music show on a commercial radio station in the East Midlands. Around the same time, I achieved the other ambition of buying not one, but two classic 1950s jukeboxes ( a Rock Ola and an AMI ), which are housed in the kitchen and living room of my home. After years of neglect, following the decline and eventual disappearance of the record player and it's turntable, I once again had a vehicle by which to play my favourite 7" vinyl singles. Despite the technological advances that have long ago replaced the record player and vinyl, and have brought the consumer the CD and more recently Mp3 downloads, for me nothing compares to the magic of the vinyl record!!


In 2011, I extended my interest and enthusiasm for music, and especially vinyl records, to MyFirstRecord.co.uk, in order to help you celebrate the influence, magic and pleasure that vinyl records have brought you, your family and friends over the years. Framed vinyl records or framed CDs with a personalised plaque, make unique presents or original gifts for a special celebration  / special occasion ie a Wedding ( Wedding First Dance Song ), an Engagement Party ( Our Song ), a House Warming Party ( New Home ), a 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th Birthday ( How about the No1 song on the day of birth? ), a Silver, Ruby or Golden Wedding Anniversary, Father’s or Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day!!  THE PERFECT PERSONALISED PRESENT!!


Simon Sterland - Proprietor of MyFirstRecord.co.uk


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