Eimear Ennis 13/07/2024 Framed Vinyl Single
“ Thanks so much Simon, this looks perfect! I will for sure get a photo of it sent to you once it's been given and put on the wall. It's been great to order through you - I wish all my on line orders were handled in this way! Thanks again, Eimear
Stuart Jackson 07/07/2024 Framed Vinyl Single
“ If ever you wanted an example of excellent personal customer service, this is it. I initially went on a search for something unique for a birthday gift, and something with meaning. The idea of having a link to a piece of music in itself can create an emotional tie, but to have that be the No.1 from the day your were born, and on vinyl, makes it really quite special. From the choice of product to delivery, the process was flawless. Add to that the personal contact from the vendor and you have confidence in your purchase. The finished product itself is beautifully done, with the vinyl single being securely mounted and framed. The engraved plaque adds that hugely personal touch with a message of your choice. And that makes the whole thing unique. My thanks to Simon for not only supplying a quality product, but for his exemplary service and making me feel like a valued customer from day one. I have already placed a second order for another special family birthday. ***The record in question was "Oh What a Night" by the Four Seasons***
Katie Hyams 30/06/2024 Framed Vinyl Single
“ Excellent customer service, efficient, polite, kept me up-to-date and even threw in an added extra for the gift. Only wish all online sellers were like this! ***In fairness Katy, the "added extra" was only a yellow / gold ribbon to wrap around the framed record Golden wedding anniversary gift for your parents......The fact that their wedding first dance song was "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Ole Oak Tree" just makes it all the more cheesy, especially if it's Cheddar which is also yellow!!***
Kev Chesters 26/06/2024 Framed Vinyl Single
“ What an absolutely superb service. From first interaction to final delivery to....a wonderful after-sales call too. A perfect interaction with a fabulous brand committed to quality. We paid for the framing of an original 7" vinyl single for a christening gift. It was perfect. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Top marks all round. ***Cheers Kev.....A framed vinyl of "Hey Jude" by the Beatles was perfect for your new nephew Jude.....And a song that is currently proving popular with England fans, paying tribute to Jude Bellingham at Euro 2024***
Reuben Johnston 22/06/2024 Framed Vinyl Single
“ I was very last minute with my order and Simon could not have been more helpful. The framed vinyl order was dispatched in time and my granddaughters special birthday (16th) was made perfect with this memento of the day she was born. In her own words "This is just the coolest ever ❤️". Outstanding service , perfect product , first class communications ***Thank you Reuben - I see you have added a heart which is apt as the designated song was "Bleeding Heart" by Leona Lewis!! ***
Caitlin Fawkes 19/06/2024 Framed Vinyl Single
“ We loved it and what was so nice was the customer service - felt so personalised and unrobotic. A perfect first dance wedding present. Thanks lovely Simon :). *** Thank you Caitlin. It's reassuring that in the era of "Artificial Intelligence" aka "AI" that I have not yet metamorphosed into a robot!! ***
Mike Downing 15/06/2024 Framed Vinyl Single
“ Superb service from Simon and the Team - a memorable gift was ordered and delivered to what was a tight deadline. This is a great present for anyone and highly recommended ***Thanks Mike! Hope you had a fab party & can't wait to see the video of you all dancing ( in the inimitable style of Mud ) to "Tiger Feet" on the dance floor! Hope all those "feline feet" & "muddy paws" didn't do too much damage to the dance floor! The recipient received a framed 7" vinyl single of "Tiger Feet" by Mud as a 50th birthday gift, the UK No1 on the day he was born***
Nick Mann 12/06/2024 Framed Vinyl Single
“ A few years ago I bought a gift from a competitor that just had a generic record in a frame with the title of a song written underneath. What I like about My First Record, is that your framed records are much more personal. I like that your company use an actual record of the song I wanted and not some bland replica with no life or history! You can't beat the real thing!
Michael Pollard 09/06/2024 Framed Vinyl Single
“ Wonderful. Ordered my vinyl single Golden Brown by the Stranglers for my sister in Australia. She has recently lost her husband and this was a favourite song for them both. Simon was first class from start to finish, even hand delivering to me as I lived close to him. Will be ordering again for sure. *** Michael, I hope the framed Stranglers vinyl single is a constant fitting reminder to your sister of all her "golden times" with her beloved husband ***
Jonathan Williams 28/05/2024 Framed Vinyl Single
“ First class product and personal service. I found this site via Google and sent an enquiry via e-mail. Simon phoned me back within an hour that afternoon to discuss my requirements and to personalise the experience. It's rare to have first-hand contact and such a caring personal service in a world of faceless internet shopping. The product is first class, reflecting the service. Highly recommended. *** Thank you Jonathan for the perfect review for the perfect Silver wedding anniversary gift....A framed vinyl single of your wedding first dance song "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed! ***
Chris Barnes 23/05/2024 Framed Vinyl Single
“ This was a gift for a friend on their birthday. The #1 on the day he was born. He said it is absolutely awesome. At his party all the guests were Googling what their No1 record was - A very personal gift beautifully presented! *** Thank you Chris. The No1 on the day the recipient Mike was born 40 years ago was the Police "Every Breath You Take", which is very appropriate for a new born baby!! What was the No1 on the day you were born?..... ***
Glynn Hill 19/05/2024 Framed Vinyl Single
“ From placing the order to receiving the product, Simon was just fantastic. Everything was checked, double checked and checked again. Simon even got in touch to ask if he could alter the layout to make my present (for the Wife) look better aesthetically. You really couldn't ask for a better service or a better company to deal with and my profession is dealing with suppliers. If you are reading this review wondering if you should continue with your purchase, please don't wonder anymore. Press the 'complete purchase' button - you will not be disappointed. Kind Regards Mr Hill
Emily Shaw 14/05/2024 Framed Vinyl Single
“ We received a beautiful framed record of our first dance song as a wedding gift. It's now taken pride of place on a wall at home. Such a beautiful and thoughtful gift and something a bit different too, which we loved! We know the record we received would have been tricky to source as it was never released as a single in the UK, so very impressed that these guys managed to find it. It will be treasured forever as it reminds us of a precious moment on a wonderful day! *** Thank you very much Emily. To adapt your designated disc, "You Make Loving Fun" by Fleetwood Mac: you make gifting fun! It was a pleasure creating your framed record wedding gift for you & Simon!! ***
Jenny Higgins 10/05/2024 Framed Vinyl Single
“ One of the best online retailers I've ever experienced! I want to say an ENORMOUS thank you to Simon at MyFirstRecord for going ABOVE & BEYOND for me with my order. You can tell Simon is passionate about his products and providing customers with incredible customer service. My order was for my Dad's 60th Birthday and I'd had difficulty with the payment and my Paypal account, but Simon personally rang me and pre-ordered the components (vinyl & engraved plaque) for my gift as a gesture of good will - you don't get that with most sellers on ETSY. What I like best about the product is that Simon uses the original record, rather than just putting a sticker over any random old vinyl - which really makes the perfect gift. The product was packed excellently and arrived in perfect condition on time for my Dad's birthday - just like Simon promised. Thank you again SO MUCH for all of your help. My dad loved his gift and even had a little tear in his eye - which I've only ever seen once before! ***Thank you Jenny.....If there was an award for best review in 12 years of trading, you would definitely be the winner!! To receive a testimonial like this is better than a sale & to hear about the emotional impact the gift had on the recipient (your Dad) makes it all worthwhile!!***
Sarah Loates 05/05/2024 Framed Vinyl Single
“ Excellent customer service, prompt and responsive, and Simon managed my expectations well and kept me regularly updated. Bought as a gift and the recipient was delighted with the quality. Simon also went to the additional effort of changing the name plate colour to one of my choice. Can highly recommend. *** Thank you Sarah. I'm pleased to learn that the recipient, Matilda, loved it as much as you, the donor! ***

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