Will BBC World Cup theme by Stevie Wonder be the 2014 Nessun Dorma?

Stevie Wonder’s track “Another Star”, from the imperious double album “Songs in the Key of Life”, will be the soundtrack to the BBC’s World Cup coverage.

The Record Press author hopes that this will bring the music of Stevie Wonder to a younger generation, who did not grow up with the artist as a prolific chart act as my generation did. Hopefully the BBC adopting “Another Star” as their World Cup theme music will do for Stevie Wonder what their use of “Nessun Dorma” as theme music during their coverage of the Italia 90 World Cup, did for Pavarotti. In both cases Pavarotti and Stevie Wonder were and are huge international stars, but there is still much currency to be had, by being associated with a high profile World Cup.

Just as Pavarotti’s “Nessun Dorma” caught the mood of the Italia 90 World Cup, then I believe Stevie Wonder’s “Another Star” will capture and convey the euphoria and flamboyance of the Brazil World Cup 2014. The song “Another Star” loops and builds on a syncopated rhythm where flutes and George Benson’s guitar fuse with congas and timbales. Stevie Wonder’s track “Another Star” conveys the feel-good, carnival Latin American ambience which will chime perfectly with the atmosphere of Brazil World Cup 2014.

Let’s just hope that Stevie Wonder’s “Another Star” does not become synonymous with Ross Barkley’s tears in the same way Pavarotti’s “Nessun Dorma” became associated with Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne’s tears in Turin, after England lost to West Germany in that World Cup Semi Final penalty shoot-out!! Ross Barkley is the closest thing that we have had to Gazza in the intervening 24 years, but England football fans should not put too much emphasis on the theme of the song, which is that Stevie Wonder “fell in love with one who would break my heart in two”.

If you are not familiar with the music of Stevie Wonder, here is a Record Press Top 10 Stevie Wonder songs to whet your appetite –

Top 10 Stevie Wonder songs


1) Superstition ( No11 1973 )

2) Living For The City ( No15 1974 )

3) Uptight ( Everything’s alright ) ( No14 1965 )

4) If You Really Love Me ( No20 1971 )

 5) I Was Made To Love Her ( No5 1967 )

6) For Once In My Life ( No3 1968 )

7) Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday ( No2 1969 )

8) Lately ( No3 1981 )

9) Master Blaster (Jammin’) ( No2 1980 )

10) Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours ( No15 1970 )


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