Top 10 Best Genesis singles to celebrate Genesis reunion

It has been announced that Genesis are to reunite for a BBC2 special. Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins will appear with the original line-up of Mike Rutherford, Steve Hackett and Tony Banks for the first time since 1975.

Genesis: Together and Apart will be a one-off feature-length documentary to air on BBC2 later this year. The programme was genesisannounced as part of the broadcaster’s new BBC Music strategy, which was launched on the 16th June at Broadcasting House in London. This was music to the ears of the Record Press author – I was weaned on Genesis in my formative years. If you were at public school in the 1970s, it was almost obligatory, if not mandatory, to like Prog Rock music. Although I quite liked Yes and Rush, my preferred choice of Prog Rock band was Pink Floyd and Genesis.

Most Sunday afternoons at my boarding school would be spent listening to my Genesis and Pink Floyd vinyl albums, numbering five in the collection: Trick of the Tail, Wind & Wuthering, And Then There were Three ( Genesis ) and Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here ( Pink Floyd ). In truth because I got into Genesis circa 1976 / 1977, I’m not particularly au fait with the Peter Gabriel years ( 1969-1975 ). When I have listened retrospectively, I find his tenure of the band as lead singer and songwriter a little self-indulgent for my taste. The equivalent of musical foie gras – pleasing in small quantities as a starter but too rich to have as a main course!!

So my love of Genesis was forged by the three successive post Peter Gabriel albums, “Trick of the Tail”, “Wind and Wuthering” and genesis trick of the tail album“And Then There Were Three”, which were all splendid albums. Phil Collins’ down to earth, working class approach and influence had a sobering effect on Genesis, in the wake of public school educated Peter Gabriel’s departure, who had brought a more pretentious, art school influence to the band.

The removal of Peter Gabriel’s stifling influence on the band brought emancipation for the remaining members of the band, allowing two significant things to happen. First of all Peter Gabriel’s departure allowed Phil Collins to flourish as a vocalist – I love the hypnotic poignancy and pathos of Phil Collins’ vocals. As much as I love Peter Gabriel’s voice, Phil Collins’ dulcet tones brought a richer texture to the music of Genesis. Secondly Tony Banks, Steve Hackett and Mike Rutherford were able to take a more central role in Genesis, both as performers and songwriters. That said, it will be fantastic to see all five original band members re-united for the BBC documentary Genesis: Together and Apart.

After the first three albums under Phil Collins’ leadership, Genesis started to became much more commercial, recording some great singles, although quite a few floundered in the lower reaches of the Top 75. As a Genesis fan I have no qualms in unashamedly presenting you with my Top 10 Best Genesis Singles –


Top 10 Best Genesis Singles

1) Many Too Many

2) I know what I like ( In my wardrobe )genesis i know what i like

3) Your Own Special Way

4) A Trick of the Tail / Ripples

5) Follow you follow me

6) Mama

7) Misunderstanding

8 ) Land of Confusion

9 ) That’s All

10) I Can’t Dance


What are your favourite Genesis songs, singles or album tracks? Let us know in the Reply Box below.

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