Je Suis Charlie…..Freedom of Speech must always prevail

Record Press and its sister website would like to take this opportunity to pay our respects to the 10 journalists from Charlie Hebdo and two policeman who were senselessly murdered in Paris yesterday; slaughtered merely for doing a job they loved and one that their readers loved and enjoyed. Yesterday democracy was viciously attacked, but today the free world is not cowed but stands proud and united!!

All writers, scribes and journalists try and write to enlighten an inform and they do it in the knowledge that they have a right to express an opinion, steeped in the western tradition and history of “free speech”. Yesterday that right to freedom of speech was cruelly denied to the 10 journalists and cartoonists on the staff of Charlie Hebredo, and of course their legion of avid readers and fans who have also been denied a basic human right.

I have no intention or interest in making this statement a political vehicle, although I have to say as a non Moslem I find the publication’s portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed abhorrent and unnecessarily malicious. That said I merely wish to lament those slain scribes, who whilst cognisant of the danger, plied their trade fearlessly. Satire is a legitimate vehicle for  parodying politics and religion. No politician or religion should be above scrutiny. Satire is a way for people to challenge perceived wisdom and established thinking. Challenging convention is woven into the tapestry of western society and civilisation over hundreds of years. Satire is about debate and discussion; presenting an alternative argument – it is not definitive, merely a subjective stance. Whatever happens in the future, the pen will always be mightier than the sword or gun!!

R.I.P. my fellow scribes……..Vivre Le France et Liberte

Je Suis Charlie


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