Farewell Terry Wogan, Doyenne of Disc Jockeys

I was shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of broadcaster and bon viveur Terry Wogan.

My  immediate thoughts, which are always the most instinctive and therefore accurate, are that Terry Wogan was a lovely, amiable and affable chap. Heterry wogan floral dance vinyl was everybody’s favourite uncle; a member of your family. Terry Wogan possessed a bonhomie that masked a rapier wit – mischievous and cheeky, irreverent and rebellious but never cruel or callous. He was gentle: a gentleman in the true, pure sense of the word.

On TV Terry Wogan mercilessly teased his Wogan chat show guests, Blankety Blank panellists and Eurovision contestants alike but got away with it because of his self deprecating nature and humour. On radio he gently mocked his listeners ( affectionately nicknamed “TOGGS” – Terry’s Old Geezers & Gals ), but most of all he sent himself up. Terry Wogan was the consummate broadcaster because behind that deceptively languid style and delivery was a bright intellect, knowledge and mastery of language. A wordsmith of the highest  order, fuelled and fired by a vivid, technicolour imagination.

I was lucky enough to attend a BBC1 Wogan chat show in 1988 and spent time with him in the “Green Room” afterwards as a guest of his TV producer Peter Estall. Terry simply came across as a genuine, self-effacing person with humility and no ego. That was the essence of the man.

Terry Wogan was the Doyenne of Disc Jockeys. He waxed lyrical with warmth. We will all miss him dreadfully and radio and television will never be quite the same ever again.Framed Vinyl Single MFR


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