Do you agree with this Top 5 Best Music Based Radio Shows Of All Time?

This year sees a new category at the Sony Radio Awards and the winner of the inaugural Sony Golden Headphones Award will be decided by public vote, rather than by the radio industry.

Any radio host or presenter over the age of 18 who has a regular slot on a UK-based radio programme, professional or amateur, can register their name to take part. The winner will be revealed at the Sony Radio Academy Awards on 13th May. Voting opens on 15th April and will run until 10th May, with a leaderboard featuring the Top 20 contenders updated in real time.

Sony Radio Awards chairman John Myers explained: “It is the public’s opportunity to vote for their favourite presenter and is open to any presenter on any station in the UK”. Who would be your choice? Let us know in the Reply Box below. Also tell us which is your favourite radio presenter / DJ of all time and also your favourite music based radio show of all time?

Here are the Recordpress Top 5 Best Music Based Radio Shows Of All Time –


1) Noel Edmonds Radio1 Breakfast Show ( 1973 -1978 ). Zany fun, involving Flynn the Milkman, Silly Phone Calls, Spoofs plus Garden Gnome, Welly Sticker & Back To Front Balaclavas Giveaways.

2) Jonathan Ross Radio2 Saturday Morning Show ( 1999 – 2010 ). Jonathan Ross at his creative and comedic best, with brilliant streams of consciousness and great banter and repartee with his sidekick Andy.

3) Noel Edmonds Radio1 Sunday Morning Show ( 1978 – 1983 ). Noel Edmonds at his brilliant best creating a wacky Sunday morning show broadcasting in fictitious locations – first of all at a cosy cottage called “Dingley Dell” and then when that was demolished to make way for a bypass, moving to Perkins Grange, the fictitious home of Radio4 presenter Brian Perkins who co-hosted the programme.

4) Chris Evans Radio1 Breakfast Show ( 1995 – 1997 ). Off the wall humour and antics from Chris Evans at the peak of his creative powers, playing off his zoo of co presenters. Sadly the show was shortlived as Chris Evans became a total megalomaniac and alienated his Radio1 boss Matthew Bannister.

5) Pick Of The Pops Radio2 ( 1997 – Present ). The original retro music chart format show, with chart rundowns from corresponding weeks in previous years. It’s appeal has never dulled under it’s three custodians, Alan “Fluff” Freeman, Dale Winton and current host Tony Blackburn.


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