The Dandy bows out signalling the end of the era of printed comics

As The Dandy comic’s printed life approaches retirement after 75 years of loyal service keeping generations of children entertained and occupied, the National Library of Scotland will be running an exhibition celebrating the Dandy’s 75-year history.

For my generation in the 1970s and so many others before and since, the characters in The Dandy,The Beano, Beezer and Topper were our imaginary friends. We became captivated and immersed in a surreal, zany world occupied by larger than life characters like Desperate Dan, Korky the Cat and Denace The Menace who was the archetypal naughty school kid. This was an era dominated by catapults, peashooters, mud pies, water bombs, stink bombs and general practical jokes.

The characters in the comics merely reflected the lives and activities of their readers. This was an era before computer games and CGI imaging and kids had to make their own entertainment. At school in the mid 1970s, we had the form practical joker by the name of Adrian Parkes, who was constantly riling the teachers with a greeting of a black board rubber on top of the class room door or a drawing pin on the teacher’s chair. His finest hour was when he smuggled a portable, battery operated record player into school and hid it in his desk…….In the middle of a Maths lesson, the soporific silence was shattered by the refrain of “Do do do the Funky Gibbon……We are here to show you how”…… we were all serenaded by the Goodies. Inevitably the episode ended in Adrian Parkes having his portable record player and vinyl record confiscated and 500 lines as a punishment for his troubles!!

Comics like The Dandy,The Beano, The Beezer and Topper reflected the psyche, mentality and humour of their child readers and were an intrinsic part of the culture of childhood from the 1930s through to the 1980s. However since the 1990s, kids have become increasingly more sophisticated in their leisure pursuits. In fairness The Dandy and The Beano have tried to keep up with the changing times and computer technology advances as much as is possible in a print format, adapting to increasing competition from glossy magazines with free gifts and television tie-ins.

Regrettably comics no longer hold the place in the hearts of the contemporary child audience or the nostalgic adult audience and with a declining circulation The Dandy will publish it’s final print edition in two weeks time, henceforth purely focusing on a new online version. For adults, who grew up with the UK’s longest running children’s comic, first published in 1937, it will be a poignant day. However for the kids steeped in the internet and digitally interactive technology, it’s a natural progression and logical step forward.

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