Rob Eyre 19/05/2017 Framed DVD & Cover
“ Ordered framed Top Gun DVD for a mate who has recently passed out from U.S. Air Force Training Academy. It looks great and although he is no Tom Cruise, I am sure he will love it!! :-)
Luke Tamila 10/05/2017 Framed CD & Cover
“ I ordered a framed CD for my wife for our wedding anniversary. When I opened the parcel and saw the CD and cover artwork mounted I couldn't wait to see my wife's face when she opened her gift. To say she was over the moon would be an understatement. She was so very pleased with this very original gift. When exchanging emails with Simon in order to organise everything, he couldn't have been more helpful if he tried. Thank you so much Simon
Matthew Claxton 08/05/2017 Framed Vinyl Single
“ I got my order last Thursday and could not be happier. Infact I was so happy with it I simply could not wait until my wedding anniversary in September - so even though it's only May I had to give it to my wife straight away. It reduced her to tears ( in a good way!! ), and she ended up playing the song over and over again for the rest of the evening. 
Richard Daniels 01/05/2017 Framed Vinyl Single
“ Hi. Received my order and omg it's amazing! it will certainly make a unique & personal wedding gift! Phil & Nina got married recently on a cruise at the grand old age of 70 & I'll be celebrating with them next week when they return to the UK for their do. They will both love the gift as Phil used to sing "Ain't No Sunshine" every night at around 9.30pm while under the influence of alcohol, when I worked with him out in Nigeria for many years - it's the only song he knows and still sings it to this day! I'm really chuffed with the work! Many thanks, Richard
Mary Jayaratne 06/04/2017 Framed Vinyl Single
“ Simon, Thank you so much for the Framed Vinyl. Amazing quality product for a brilliant price! My husband, Don, absolutely loves it and it now takes precedence on our living room wall. Thank you so much for this great quality product matched by a great service. Regards, Mary
Teresa Malins 02/03/2017 Framed Vinyl Single
“ Thank you Simon. This is a lovely framed vinyl, well presented and of excellent quality. What a unique gift for anyone to receive and I would recommend the product very highly. Thank you for delivering this personally, it was a pleasure meeting you. We have shown the framed record to the family, and they love it too. My husband and myself wish you all the best. Kind regards Teresa and Tom
Colin Gunnell 22/02/2017 Framed Vinyl Single
“ Hello Simon. Many thanks for the framed single supplied recently for my wife as a Valentine's day gift. She loved it. The record and it's presentation were excellent as was your service and customer care. I will be delighted to recommend 'My First Record' to friends and family. Best wishes, Colin
Leanne Simpson 21/02/2017 Framed CD & Cover
“ Hi. The framed CD looks great - in fact if anything it looks better than I had imagined it would do. It was the perfect anniversary present. Thank you so much for helping me with it. Kind regards, Leanne
Kieran Mullarkey 19/02/2017 Framed Vinyl Single
“ Hi Simon. Thanks so much not only for producing a wonderful gift for my wife, but also for all your help and ensuring it arrived in time for Valentines Day! My Mrs was delighted with the framed vinyl record and it acted as a lovely reminder of the moment she walked up the aisle before we got married; she particularly found the engraved message referring to her being 45 mins late very funny. I'll be sure to use you again and recommend your products to my friends. Thanks Kieran
Charlotte Gibbs 16/02/2017 Framed CD & Cover
“ I ordered a framed cd of "Sail Away" by David Gray for my hubby for Valentines Day. It was our wedding song. He was really quite overwhelmed and loves the individuality of the present. Music is a huge part of our lives, so an ideal gift. The service has been excellent and the quality of the product is great. We'll definitely be using your services again. Thank you :-)
Phil Hopes 16/02/2017 Framed Vinyl Single
“ Hi Simon, first of all thanks for contacting me personally. Nice touch. I am truly impressed that you took time to e-mail and phone me because it generally does not happen with online purchases! The order was for my wife for our 40th anniversary on Valentine's Day and this particular record is our tune from 1977 when we started going out together. We've still got the original vinyl at home and it was the first record I bought Tina. Her face was a picture when she received it and to quote Rod Stewart, "Every Picture Tells a Story". I wish you well with your business. Kind Regards, Phil.
Diane Darling 15/02/2017 Framed CD & Cover
“ Thanks for the framed CD I ordered for Valentines Day for my partner. It's great and he really loves it.
Sally Williams 14/02/2017 Framed Vinyl Single
“ Hi there. My order arrived today perfectly on cue for Valentine's Day .. My partner was so pleased with it, so thank you. I would particularly like to thank you for such outstanding customer service as I know you went above and beyond and have really pulled out the stops for me .. to ensure that my order arrived today. So very grateful .. Can't thank you enough. Kind regards, Sally 
Marcella Daalhuizen 08/02/2017 Framed Vinyl Single
“ Hi Simon, my friend just texted to say the record has arrived and she's utterly delighted with it! Thank you once again.
Jordan Minns 08/02/2017 Framed CD & Cover
“ I ordered a framed CD single for my friend's 40th birthday. Simon was helpful and courteous and created a fantastic product. I'd definitely recommend.

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